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Happy Christmas

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas (and for those who don't celebrate...I hope that the 25th was a great day and that any religious or spiritual celebrations you have had recently or are having soon are great)! 

I'm super busy at work clearing things out so no time to really type right now. My last day is Wednesday and there is a LOT to be done!

3 days

Three days...and then I'm a stay at home momma! I have 1/2 a day left today and then I work Monday, Tuesday and a 1/2 day Wednesday. Thats it and then I'm officially laid off. I got notice yesterday and the 31st is my last day.

I'm busy cleaning stuff out, filing stuff, organizing what is personal and what is office, etc. We're dissolving and a chunk of people are going to a new firm but I am not going with them. I will have severance until Feb. 20th.

I am super excited to get to be home with Roo and I can't wait for 2009 and all of the amazing changes!

Letter to Rory

Dear Lorelai,

Today, December 10 2008, you were eating some dried fruit with dinner and decided to shove a dried blueberry up your itty bitty baby nose. Why did you do that?

At first it was kinda funny. A blueberry in my child's nose...classic!

It took us 2 hours to get it out!! We tried blowing but you wouldn't blow hard enough, we tried sneezing and that helped loosen it but then you'd sniffle and suck it back up. We tried using a nose suctioner to help loosen it with the force of the air. That helped suck the piles of snot your body was making to help eject it.

It wasn't funny anymore. Momma was getting worried and it wasn't coming out. You weren't laughing anymore either. You were screaming. Snot was pouring down your face...along with tears.

Auntie Kevi had to help hold you down while I tried to get it out. No luck. Then Dadda came home and helped hold you down too...still no luck!

The doctor said we had to take you to the hospital if we couldn't get you to blow it out.  It was bedtime but you weren't allowed to go to sleep because you could have choked on it in your sleep if it moved.

Finally we went to Grandma's house as a last attempt before the hospital. After almost an hour there you FINALLY sneezed it out! But we couldn't find it and weren't sure if you had actually sneezed it out or not. We had to hold you down more to look up with a flashlight...and we didn't see anything.

Daddy was worried that you had sucked it too deep to see and you would choke. Grandma thought maybe I was wrong and it was just a scab (since you just LOVE to pick your nose) and the scab had come out. But Momma KNEW it was a blueberry and knew that it was too big for you to suck further up than it was.

We let you play for a few minutes to calm down and when Momma bent down to pick you up she saw a blueberry on the carpet. A soggy, snot covered, falling apart blueberry! IT CAME OUT!!!

You were so happy that we stopped holding you down. Poor baby! You didn't know why we were torturing you or why your nose hurt. You kept pointing to your nose and saying "momma nose ow! nose ow!"

Now that you're okay and we know that the blueberry is in fact out it is kinda funny again. My silly girl. No more blueberries in your nose! Or anything else!

We're going to really have to work on you not picking your nose anymore. I thought that just ignoring it would make you stop eventually...but if you're going to progress from fingers up the nose to FOOD up the nose you HAVE to stop!

My little blueberry girl. You're sleeping soundly now and we can go to bed too. I love you so much.





Kevi showed me her ultrasound pictures last night! She's 15w3d today. She got 8 pictures, including 1 3d one (those are freaky and how the fetus' hand was made it look like there was no hand. creepy!)

Its too early to tell the gender still...but the "leg" shot looked EXACTLY like Roo's leg shot, and it was really clear she was a girl. If Kevi was a few weeks further along I'd say that she's having a girl. Even now I think she is...and I thought that before she got this ultrasound.

But we'll see this summer...or possibly with a future ultrasound. She's not sure yet if she's going to get another one next month or not. She had this one because the fetal heartbeat wasn't as strong as they expected at this gestational age. Did I already post about this? I can't remember now. Oh well!

Oh and it TOTALLY has the same nose as Roo! We compared ultrasounds last night and Roo's profile looks so similar! The nose is the same, the mouth is almost the same. The chin is different...Roo has Jason's chin without a doubt and BK fetus has Ben's.

The most exciting part of the ultrasound to Kevi....the spine is straight, aligned and NORMAL!! Kevi has scroliosis and its really bad so this was a HUGE concern of hers.

Workin out!

I'm doing SO good eating healthy (including eating ENOUGH) and working out! :) I'm so incredibly sore right now...but I love it! The workout routine I'm doing right now is really intense...but its awesome! :)

Kevi had an ultrasound today because the fetal heartbeat was not as strong as the doctor thought it should be. She's 15 weeks and everything looks great. Probably just a bad position. She's due May 31, don't know the gender yet. I get to see the pictures when I get home today but she texted me one...very clearly a little hand...so cute...and freaky!

24 on the 24th!

Yep...its my 24th Birthday!!! woo hoo!

Tomorrow...a post about my birthday present from Jason (shhh, I don't know its a Chi!!!), this weekend's drama with B&K, and hopefully pictures of Roo! :)

Sability Blood Test

You know those little finger prick machines for diabetics to check their blood sugar?

I want one for manic depression. Not sure if you're depressed, stable, manic, hypomanic, mixed state....and to what degree? Prick your finger, put a drop of blood on the paper, put into the machine....wait 5 seconds and get your reading.

That would make life so much easier!


Just an FYI to everyone...I'm going to be cleaning out my filters, changing some, adding some, deleting some, etc.

If you see a post that says "_______ filter" on it and you DO NOT want to be in that filter just comment and let me know. :) No offense will be taken, of course! After I get the filters figured out I'll post what they are so you can let me know if there are any you DO specifically want to be in or not be in.

Here to stay

I'm phasing out CafeMom. Its just...not live journal!

Constant fighting and bickering and friends attacking each other and no place to just be YOU. I feel like who I am is suffering and I don't want that.

I've changed A LOT since I was last really active here and I will not apologize for that, nor will I pretend that it isn't true. I'm not the same person. Some of you may find that to be good...and some may find that to be bad.

Quite frankly...do with it what you wish. If you wish to delete me from your friends page (if you havn't already thanks to me being MIA) go for it, its YOUR friends page!

So...who am I? I'm still Jeni. :) I'm still Jason's wife and Rory's momma. I'm still funny, sarcastic, witty and moody. I'm much more confident and secure with who I am and not afraid to stand up and say "this is what I believe" or "this is how I chose to live my life."

I've been MIA, I know!

I've been on cafemom a LOT and not here.

Things in my life are going pretty great!

Jason and I are doing amazing, but that has taken a LOT of work. We got really close to the D-word at one point. :\

Roo is growing and is the most wonderful, perfect, gorgeous human being! She talks up a storm. She walks/runs everywhere, she tattles, she giggles, she claps, she sings. Her newest....she says "I love you" (i wub ya) and gives kisses WITHOUT PROMPTING! Seriously, life does not get any sweeter than that!

She is still nursing, of course, and missed the memo that babies usually start to cut back by her age. Thats totally okay with me! :) She's still a dinky little thing at 13 months and 17.5lbs but she's totally healthy and has chunky thighs.

We have moved into a townhouse with Ben and Kevi...and Xena! :) I am loving having a yard and gardens. We're all loving all of the space and the amazing sunlight that comes into the home.

Here are a bunch of pictures.
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